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Relapse Prevention Counseling

Are you new to your sobriety walk? Looking for additional support and counseling?

If you have achieved sobriety, congratulations! Truly. Addiction can have a powerful influence over our lifestyles, behaviors, relationships, finances and careers. Developing new coping mechanisms for stressors, as well as, seeking new ways to support your sobriety for the long haul is crucial. 

We offer Relapse Prevention Counseling to help aide you in your walk in a sober lifestyle. This evidence-based support in combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been proven to be effective by significantly reducing the risk of relapse in numerous studies. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, problem-focused form of behavioral treatment that helps people see the difference between beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, and free them from unhelpful patterns of behaviors. Most people with clearly defined behavioral and emotional concerns tend to reap the benefits of CBT. 

In Relapse Prevention Counseling, we will:

  • Identify triggers
  • Review history, thoughts, feelings, patterns, and behaviors 
  • Create an individualized relapse prevention plan
  • Identify early warning signs
  • Develop and practice healthy coping mechanisms
  • Identify a sober support person and ongoing support system for continued sobriety

We will work together to meet your goals for Relapse Prevention and ensure you can make the lasting change in your life. Contact me today for a free consultation.